The Sugarbird Project

In partnership with South Africa National Parks

The Sugarbird Project spends about 82% of our monthly budget on paying our contractors for the service they provide clearing invasive alien plants. A further 14% is spent on equipping the teams with everything they need to be effective – loppers, saws, gloves, herbicide spray bottles, and protective clothing and footwear.  SANParks provides the teams with herbicide.

All administration, management, oversight, fundraising, and reporting is undertaken by the
many volunteers in the Sugarbird community, who do not get paid, but rather do it entirely for the love of indigenous forest and fynbos and the joy of seeing it survive and thrive.

​We are committed to being open and transparent. We are happy to share our financial information with donors so that they can clearly see how we spend their donations. Our founding documents can be viewed on this page.